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Firearm manufacturer

Gilboa® is a series of rifles, SMG's and DMR rifles manufactured by Silver Shadow Israel & Gilboa® USA in calibers ranging from .223 REM ,9mm, 7.62X39 mm and 300 Blackout. Gilboa® is an improvement of the AR15 platform, which is the personal weapon of choice for many units worldwide and is one of the world's most common assault rifle also produced in a number of countries. The Gilboa® mechanism is based on Gas impingement or piston in some models, whereas the 9mm Gilboa works on blowback. Low weight is achieved by the use of aviation aluminum alloy 7075. Upper and lower parts produced by CNC machining from solid block of aluminum (billet) produce tight tolerances, as a result of the anodize of the part, it comes out stronger than a forged one. In this way, after shooting stress tests of tens of thousands of rounds, pin holes remain free of distortion and consequently, no harm is done to the calibration of weapon and reduces the wear of the internal parts that is typical to a forged weapon – more accuracy, less wear. The Barrel, firing mechanism, bolt, and gas block are made from thermal treated steel, each part is manufactured according to the highest standard. The location of the butt stock and a five point grip in addition to the distinctive muzzle brake reduces the recoil and allows a faster return to target-picture in all shooting situations. Rifles are made in semi-automatic only for the civilian market.

The company is located in Israel, is a licensed arms dealer and manufacturer, authorized by the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Public Security, the Israel Export Institute, the company has marketing and export licenses from the MOD in a very large number of countries.