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Corner Shot® 5.56mm

The Corner Shot® enables military, law enforcement and security operators to effectively observe and accurately engage targets from « around the corner » or behind cover without exposing part of the operators’s body.
Introducing the Corner Shot® 5.56mm
The Corner Shot® system was designed and built around the standard rifle configuration to enable familiar operation with standard firearms handling and combat drills.
The Corner Shot® consists of a jointed two-part system:

  • The forward section housing the weapon, camera and other special features.

  • The frame, containing the operating controls and features.

Advantages and Combat Use
  • The Corner Shot® is the only system that allows 5.56mm AR type to be used with out being in the line of sight.

  • Keeps operators safe by allowing the operator to observe and engage targets from behind cover with out the risk of drawing fire from the target, blast or ammo ricochet or other hazards while standing in the line of sight to the target.

  • Advantageous system used in urban warfare and other close encounter scenarios.

  • The CS5.56 can be used for static sniper position and house to house combat.

  • Suitable for law enforcement and military use

Vertical/Overhead Deployment
  • The Corner Shot® is the only weapon system capable of engaging targets accurately and effectively from behind cover – over obstacles, into enclosed spaces etc.

  • Live video can be transmitted to a backpack screen enabling other team members to share target information and to command & control.

Technical Specifications
When fitted with an AR type rifle the CS556 becomes a weapon system. Accordingly, some of the technical data listed below reflect the specifications of the specific rifle being fitted.

CS-40 (excluding launcher) 3.2 Kg
M-203 Grenade launcher approx: 1.8 Kg
CS-5.56 (including rifle) with stock extended 105 cm
CSM frame 68 cm
Angle - either direction (right & left) 62°
relative to the weapon’s normal (forward) axis
Monitor Screen
Display size 2.5 inches
Resolution 960X240
Broadcasting system Multi system
Optical System Power Source
Standard lithium batteries CR123 X8
Voltage (V) 12V
Continuous operation Approx. 220 minutes
Optional Rechargeable lithium batteries Lithium ion Cell X4
Voltage (V) 10.8V
Continuous operation Approx. 160 minutes