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Corner Shot® 9mm

The Corner Shot® weapon system saves lives by offering military and law enforcement teams an unparallel tactical advantage in a close-quarters battle situation.
Combat Proven
Since the introduction of The Corner Shot® system, tremendous feedback has been provided by military and law enforcement users worldwide.

The Corner Shot® weapon systems have proven to save lives in complicated operations that could result in casualties.

The Corner Shot® operation falls in line with standard assult rifle combat drills and firearms handling procedures. On top of that adding the ability to observe and shoot around the corner without exsposing the operator body to enemy fire.

The Corner Shot® system consists of a two-section articulated platform:

  • The forward section, housing the assault weapon, camera and other tactical devices. The camera can be used as a scope.

  • The rear frame, containing the display screeen and all of the operating controls of the weapon and other devices.

Vertical / Overhead Employment
The Corner Shot®
system is the only weapon system enabling operators to engage targets accurately and effectively using vertical employment – over obstacles, into enclosed spaces, etc.

The Corner Shot® Handgun Configuration
The handgun configuration of The Corner Shot® system utilizes a standard handgun as the assault weapon installed at the forward end of the platform.
The user of The Corner Shot® platform operates the handgun normally – cocking, magazine changing and malfunction/stoppage clearing are accomplished as per standard operating procedures.

Customized Corner Shot® platforms are available for the following handgun models:

  • Glock 17, 19, 22 & 23

  • Sig-Sauer P226, P228 & P229

  • Gilboa® Pistol

  • FN Five-SeveN

  • CZ-75 & P07

  • Beretta PX4 & 92F

  • Jericho PSL

  • IWI Massada

Note: other customized platforms are available upon request. Specify handgun model.

Added Accessories
The Corner Shot®
system may be enhanced by the addition of various accessories:
  • Multispectral camera modules: 6mm,12mm & 16mm.

  • Rechargeable batteries & charger.

  • Extra battery housings.

  • Advanced visible & IR laser devices.

  • Video transmitter.

  • Utility backpack - Backpack-mounted display screen that receives video images from the Corner shot® system and enables team members to share target information.

  • Command case – A special command case that receives video images from multiple Corner shot systems, enables commanders to receive real time target information.

  • Tactical vest


When fitted with a pistol, the CSM becomes a fully operational weapon system. Accordingly, some of the technical data listed below reflect the specifications of the specific pistol being fitted. This manual refers to the data of the Glock-19 pistol.


CSM (excluding pistol) 3.860 Kg (8.5 lb)
Overall 820 mm (32.67”)
With stock folded 640 mm (25.2”)
Pistol housing 250 mm (9.85”)
CSM frame 390 mm (15.35”)
Stock 180 mm (7.09”)
Traversing Angle
62° in either direction (right & left) relative to the weapon’s
normal (forward) axis.
Monitor Screen
Display size 2.5”
Resolution 480W x 234H
Broadcasting system Multisystem
Viewing angle 55°
Optical System Power Source:
Standard Batteries
Type 8 x CR123 lithium batteries
Voltage 12V / 6V
Continuous operation 220 min. approx.
Tactical Light Source Power:
Rechargeable Battery
Type 2 x CR123 lithium batteries
Voltage 6V
Continuous operation 160 min. approx.
Trigger Pull Weight
The combined trigger pull weight of the CSM is 2.1 Kg (4.63 lb), plus the trigger pull weight of the fitted pistol.
Effective Range (CSM with 9 mm Glock-19 pistol fitted)
TypForward firing, using the pistol sights 120 m (131 yd)
Traverse firing, using the monitor & a camera with a 16 mm lens:
Effective range, single target 75 m (82 yd)