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SILVER SHADOW® Advanced Security Systems Ltd. employs a select team of senior intelligence experts whose joint experience extends to all aspects of the intelligence cycle.
Our intelligence team provides comprehensive solutions for all aspects of intelligence, internal security and counterintelligence, including such activities as integration, data mining and collection, multidisciplinary intelligence gathering and analysis, imagery exploitation and operational utilization and implementation of processed intelligence.

Intelligence for Ground, Air & Sea Operations

  • Integration of multidisciplinary intelligence sources and sensors (SigInt, ImInt, GMTI, ATC and ground status picture) for the purpose of assembling a comprehensive intelligence picture at the national and GHQ level.
  • C4I and ISTAR centers and cells: organization, systems and processes.
  • SigInt collection and analysis.
  • ImInt (EO, IR, SAR, video) collection, exploitation and products.
  • ImInt exploitation centers and systems: organization, processes and products.
  • Target/operational intelligence: systems, processes and products.
  • Multiple source data fusion.
  • Knowledge management.
  • Technical analysis of enemy weapon system data.
  • Data mining.

Intelligence Training
  • Multidisciplinary intelligence gathering methodologies and multiple asset management.
  • Multiple source intelligence picture generation and analysis.
  • Imagery interpretation (satellite, aerial photography, UAV video).
  • Data fusion and extraction processes.
  • Intelligence analysis and implementation.
  • Knowledge management.
  • Professional support for the demonstration and pre-marketing of reconnaissance assets and exploitation systems and technologies.
  • Professional support for the evaluation, procurement and assimilation of collection assets and systems.
  • General intelligence education programs for:
  • Decision makers.
  • Corporate executives.
  • Marketing and sales personnel.
  • Technical training for system operators, interpreters and analyzers.
Strategic Counseling
  • Monitoring and supporting the activities of strategic teams and think-tanks charged with analyzing and directing R&D efforts for the development of intelligence technologies, sensors and systems.
  • Analysis of intelligence needs and processes at the national and GHQ level for the purpose of establishing intelligence organizations.
  • Organizational analysis for the purpose of developing and establishing ISTAR and C4I centers, cells and capabilities.
  • Monitoring and supporting processes of procurement and assembly of intelligence assets, centers and capabilities.
Professional & Technological Counseling

Detailed design and specifications for the development of intelligence systems:

  • Multiple source intelligence systems and applications.
  • ImInt exploitation systems and applications.