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Law Enforcement
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Law Enforcement


SILVER SHADOW® Advanced Security Systems Ltd. is an established provider of such services as planning, establishment & training of police and law enforcement organizations.
Additionally, we provide state-of-the-art, tailor-made technological solutions, support and logistic systems, as well as weaponry, for the various branches of law enforcement.

We offer these services and products to all police, law enforcement and emergency service activities, including:

  • Supplying Riot control equipment and training
  • Urban, rural and border patrol units.
  • Traffic police units.
  • Investigators/detectives.
  • Interrogators, profilers, psychologists and negotiators.
  • Forensic & ballistic technicians.
  • Intelligence operators and analysts, surveillance specialists.
  • Prison and correctional facility personnel.
  • Court and detention facility security units.
  • SWAT teams and counter-terrorist units.
  • Police sniper/counter-sniper teams.
  • Police bomb squads.
  • Paramedics & other prompt response services.