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VIP Security
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VIP Security

VIP Security

SILVER SHADOW® Advanced Security Systems Ltd. is uniquely qualified, positioned and equipped to plan and execute various activities in the demanding field of VIP security:

  • Personnel selection & vetting.

  • Credibility checks, personality evaluation, screening & recruiting procedures.

Training Courses

VIP security officers, bodyguards & drivers, sharpshooters/snipers, explosive ordnance disposal specialists; special training and procedures for the VIP, their families, employees & associates.
  • Policy, doctrine, methods, procedures & drills:

  • Security policy/doctrine; combat methods & tactics; intelligence; planning of security operations; protecting the VIP at various venues, events & situations; dealing with phone threats, crowds/demonstrations/riots; motorcade procedures; emergency evacuation procedures; dealing with sniper threats and bomb alerts; communications; emergency first aid; unarmed combat.

  • Security equipment & systems:

  • Design, manufacture & sales of security equipment & systems; sourcing & procurement of specialized equipment.