Advanced Security Systems Ltd.
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Silver Shadow Advanced Security Systems Ltd. is an Israeli company dedicated to the provision of specialized security services and products.
Our dynamic and highly capable staff is uniquely equipped to offer diversified range of consulting, strategic planning, design, system analysis, research & development.
Our core business and expertise are to supply specialized turnkey Government projects pertaining to strategic security and tactical implementation of the security planning. Our training cadre encompasses instruction and executive services in all branches of security.

Silver Shadow consists of the following major activities:

  • Firearms design & manufacturing (in Israel and in USA).

  • Multi-disciplinary research & development for military, security and HLS needs (in cooperation with Israeli MOD).

  • Corner Shot (subsidiary).

  • Training & Instruction, knowledge Transfer, Doctrines & Methods.

  • Integration with special technology equipment with our partners in Israel and worldwide.

Our experience in building and structuring Government Agencies includes:
  • VIP protection special solution, training, special unique equipment.

  • Border Control Agencies.

  • Law Enforcement Agencies.

  • Intelligence Services.

  • Military Academics.

  • Military Training.

  • Military and Law Enforcement procurement.

  • Special Operations training.

The Company is experienced in the following fields:
  • Special mobile platform, Armored vehicles & mobile land solutions, including UGVs.
  • Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) solutions.
  • Military systems and equipment.
  • Aerial solutions, including drone and anti-drone systems.
  • Robotics platforms.
  • Geo-location & geo-interception solutions.
  • Tactical equipment: weapons, ammunition, sights, electro optics and thermal devices, camouflage solutions, personal bullet proof armour vests etc.
  • Command & control solutions.
  • communication systems, c² software, tracking systems, mobile c² platform. 
  • Explosives related solutions, including EOD & IEOD disposal.
  • Cyber intel. and cyber security solutions.
  • Anti-terror, Anti-guerilla and other Warfighter solutions.
  • Simulators for operators, commanders and specifics needs.
  • HLS Solutions.